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The Characteristics Of The Air Pump
Jun 21, 2016

With blowing and suction dual function, one machine, can be used to absorb the wind, can also use a hair dryer;

Less oil or no oil operation, the output of the air is clean;

Compared with the centrifugal fan and the medium pressure air blower, the pressure is much higher, usually more than ten times of the centrifugal fan;

If the pump body is whole die-casting, and uses the Shockproof foot mounting seat, then the basic requirements for installation is also very high pressure fan low, even without a fixed foot seat can be a normal operation, very convenient, also very save installation cost and the installation period;

The oxygen pump relatively the same fan, its operation low noise, such as high Rui fan launch ultra quiet high pressure fan:

Maintenance free use; its loss is only two bearings, within the warranty period, basically do not need to maintain;