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Pump Precautions
Jun 21, 2016

If the pump has any small faults remember not to let it work. If the pump shaft packing wear to be added in a timely manner, if you continue to use the pump will leak. The direct effect of this is that the energy consumption of the motor can be increased and then the impeller can be damaged.

If the water pump in the process of using a strong vibration when it is time to stop and check what is the reason, or the same will cause damage to the pump.

When the water pump end of valve leakage, some people will be with dry soil fill in the pump inlet pipe, the water washed in the end valve, this approach indeed undesirable. Because when the dry soil into the water inlet pipe when the pump began to work in the dry soil will enter the pump, then it will damage the water pump impeller and bearings, it shortens the life of the pump. When the valve Water Leakage must take to repair, if it is serious that need to replace the new.

Pump use must pay attention to maintenance, for example, when the pump is used to put the water in the water clean, it is best to be able to discharge the water pipe and then rinse with water.