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Hpumps Quiet Mini Innovative Aquarium Air Pump
May 03, 2017

Air pump for aquarium is ultra quiet, light weight, with long service life. RoHS and CE certificate 

Piezoelectric Technology- Air pump is just driven by a thin piezoelectric ceramic plate, totally 

different from traditional electromagnetic air pump.

Miniature modest design adds unique appeal to tank's aqua-scape

Noiseless Aquarium Air - Bring near silent vital oxygen to your pet fish - keeps your room quiet, 

ideal for small aquariums and fish bowls

Product Info.

DimensionsDia 62.49*18mmDia 62*49*18mm
Noise 33db 33db
Power1.8 watt1.5 watt
Pressure12kpa +/-10%10kpa +/-10%
Flow Rate500ml/min +/-10%450ml/min +/-10%
Water Depth600mm500mm
Tank Volume< 50L

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