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Mar 08, 2018


fish tank pump.jpg

The up picture is a bottom filter fish tank, the main glass dimension is L150*W60*H80cm. The under cylinder dimension 100*40*50cm.  Then what kind water pump suitable for it?  suitable for the pump?

   We need check how much volume water in the tank at first if we want to know use how big pump.  At first, we must determine the water level. The main cylinder of my water level is expected to limit 60cm, the cylinder is expected to reach the upper water level 40cm. Then the volume of the water body is the master cylinder 150 * 60 * 60. 

the bottom cylinder 100 * 40 * 40, After count the fish tank volume is 540L, the under cylinder water 160L, the total volume is 700L. 

For example, I want to keep a fancy carp in this tank. According to everyone's knowledge that the flow rate is 5 times that of a water body, this tank should select a water pump with a flow rate of 3500. In fact, I made a mistake here, in the choice of the water pump I only calculated the flow did not calculate the pump lift.

    What is the pump lift? The highest vertical height to which a pump can pump water from a pump is called lift.

    The bottom filter fish tank pump at the bottom of the cabinet, it is necessary to pump the water to the top of the main cylinder tube water to enter the master up cylinder, in general, the height of the base cabinet is 70cm, plus master cylinder height of 80cm, a total of 1.5 meters . Here with the X-Po PM-3500 pump to do that, the maximum flow of the pump is 3500L / H, the maximum lift is 3 meters. Then we need to check the curve of the flow attenuation of this pump lift. The figure will tell you the pump flow will be when the head is 150cm. But generally speaking, the water pump introduced on Taobao does not have a graph, only the maximum flow and maximum lift text description, then how should it be calculated? I would like to say my own algorithm, or that sentence, not necessarily right, welcome error correction.

    (1 - actual lift/ maximum lift) * Maximum flow = actual flow, apply to this example is: (1-1.5 / 3) * 3500 = 1750

    This means that if the fish tank with the water pump, then the actual maximum flow is 1750L / H, far less than 5 times the water flow per hour, so the pump can only give up the change of home. . The maximum flow of this pump was 6000L/H, and the maximum lift was 4 meters.

    Re-substituted into the previous formula to calculate: (1-1.5 / 4) * 6000 = 3750

    The actual flow of the pump is 3750L / H, just reached 5 times the requirements, then this pump fits the fish tank, I can safely buy it back.

    Note: In fact this calculation method to calculate the results than when you actually use it or slightly higher, because the pump is really completely out of water that maximum lift will certainly be higher than the label, and the smoothness of the outlet pipe wall And the number of elbows will affect the actual flow, I personally suggest that regardless of their own operator or see the manufacturer's graph, buy a pump when the flow is slightly larger is better, it is best not to buy your actual needs, Unless your outlet pipe is perfectly designed.


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