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Characteristics Of Brushless DC Pump
Jun 21, 2016

Long life, no maintenance, small size, high efficiency, low power consumption

Excellent structure design: pump head and the motor rotor cavity Unicom, motor rotor cavity and the motor stator, completely isolated, do completely waterproof and leakage proof and motor pump efficiency high

Safety and health, environmental protection and energy saving (for brushless electronic control reversing solid no sparks, without carbon dust pollution).

High performance ceramic shaft with the axis of the pump, high precision, good wear resistance, in a very low voice, used in loop water bed, water bed heating

Three phase DC pump in the pump can achieve PWM speed, analog signal input speed, manual speed control, can be achieved on the head and flow regulation.

Three phase brushless water pump, with the impeller rotor card dead protection, anti access protection, overload protection, over current protection.