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Brushless DC Water Pump A Wide Range Of Applications
Jun 21, 2016

Water features such as coffee maker, tea, water heater / hot water kettle, water dispenser / beverage machine, foot bath, irrigation system / equipment.

Oil supply function / high efficiency and energy saving, such as: all kinds of machine tools, refueling equipment, etc..

Heat / water circulation system, such as: medical system / equipment, automation equipment, electronic refrigerator, household

Small fountain, solar fountain, aquarium fish tank, hot and cold mattress, cushion or nursing product, etc..

Drainage functions such as: mobile air conditioning.

Washing function, such as: all kinds of car washing glass system / equipment.

Automotive Industry: for the car engine in the winter 40 degrees below zero cold start, the fuel engine antifreeze high temperature 120 degrees cycle cooling, electric vehicles, electric motorcycle water cycle cooling.

Solar photovoltaic products: solar water pump is used to directly drive the water pump work, solar water pump has three functions: