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Aquarium Ultra-quiet Oxygen Pump Miniature Oxygen Increases Oxygen Pump Home Office Special Pump Silent Silent
Oct 09, 2016

Cixin oxygen pressure pumps by piezoelectric vibrator in electric field under the action of the radial compression deformation, the internal tensile stress, so that the piezoelectric vibrator fluid pressure caused by the bending deformation. 

Principle of this kind of pump is different from the traditional magnetic pump, small volume, light weight, low noise, low consumption, long service life, etc. 

The pump is the latest technology innovation of science and technology products, believe that will bring you better aquatic animals experience

Voltage + frequency:AV 110V/50Hz-60Hz; Aquarium Tank Volume:0-80 liter; Air Flow: 240ml /min

Perfect for small size and medium betta tank or nano aquariums up to 16" deep