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Anion air Hair Straightener Brush

Anion air Hair Straightener Brush

Molecules Hydrogen Nano Spray Brush

                       Anion air Hair Straightener Brush



2、Charger:DC 5V/500mA;

3、Battery:Lithium,capacity 1400mA;

4、Comb dimension:240×40×41mm

5、Water volume:15mL;

6、Spray volume:2×0.9mL/min

7、Spray Anions concentration:3×10^6 PCS/cm^3㎥


9、Accessories:1*Plastic head dropper,1*cleaner,1*USB—MicroUSB ,

1*Manual and guarantee card                            

10、Guarantee1 year 



  1. Molecules Hydrogen Nano Spray Comb not only could help our hair became smooth in instantly, to knot, to smell, stereotypes but also inflammatory sterilization, nourish hairs effectively.

  2. Used to face.put purely water, turn on the switch to spray your face, let our skin drink more and more water, ion could inflammatory sterilization, have effective in preventing whelk, acne, freckles, some skin problems.

  3. Before sleep, drip diluted sleep liquid in a proportion of sleep, working 5 minutes, Not only can promote sleep, still can increase indoor anion content, purify indoor air, let you have better sleep quality.

Anion air Hair Straightener Brush, Not only for your beautiful but also for your health.

Welcome to purchase fashion Anion air Hair Straightener Brush from us, which is a professional Comb manufacturer, supplier and exporter in China.
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