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Worlds quietest High Out Energy Efficient Mini Aquarium Air Pump, Fish Tank Oxygen Breathe silent Air Bubbles Pump with Air Stone and Silicone Tube
Feb 21, 2017

New techology make the pump super compact, low noises working and super silent, light weight. 

RoHS and CE certificate passed.                            6360460133097471984987810.jpg

Ultra Quiet: Less than 33dB, low vibration, suit for bedroom and living room. No noise disturbing.

High-efficiency, long service life, low power consumption. More stable performance than traditional

air pump.

Each air pump matched with a good air stone and silicone tube. Voltage: 110-120,220-240V, 

Power: 1.5W; Air Flow: 240ml/min.

Perfect for betta tanks or nano aquariums up to 20 inch deep.

4105 (2).jpg