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Ultra-Small Oxygen Pump Fishes Aquarium Accessory Power & Energy Saving Air Pump
Oct 10, 2016


  1. Oxygen pump of large power is used for aquarium volume of 200L

  2. It is a energy-saving pump.

  3. The air pump is Non-waterproof,keep it away from water.In case the pump fall into tank,shut off the power supply first before handing the air pump.

  4. It is driven by a thin piezoelectric ceramic plate,super compact,super silent,light weight and long service life.

    Cixin oxygen pressure pumps by piezoelectric vibrator in electric field under the action of the radial compression deformation,the internal tensile stress,so that the piezoelectric vibrator fluid pressure caused by the bending deformation.

    The pump is the latest technonogy innovation of science and technology products,believe that will bring you better aquatic animals experience