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Those who want to feed the fish well should be able to Control Your Buy Desire
Jul 30, 2018

                      We should be able to Control Our Buy Desire

On the whole, we should be able to hold the temptation at all stages, otherwise we may suffer a heavy loss.


1. Being seduced by other people's fish tanks or fish before raising fish, I dream of raising fish, but I don't think about it. I would like to buy a big fish tank and keep all kinds of fish.

-- this stage should be calm, according to their own family space, family situation, work habits, living habits, economic conditions, diligence degree and so on to choose the appropriate tank and appropriate fish;


2, Began to breed fish, always like to go fish market,  like see fish and then buy, otherwise the heart itch, ran out of money in his pocket to his feeling, the more and more fish in the cylinder, a system crash, water quality deterioration, such as cross infection, problems appear constantly, constantly sacrifice, fish kept buying again, so a vicious circle, enthusiasm;

When you want to run out of your money, press your pocket and bear it. You must bear it.


3, When his pot of fish to raise the elegant fatness, free every day sitting in front of the cylinder, sometimes a night to aim for a while, but we watch them feel visual fatigue, fish should be upgraded, strolling in the search for a more advanced fish, fish market always feel at home a good fish on behalf of their own level, look at the fish friend watched the, more see more eyes, feel your fish has become more and more rubbish, so crazy into the new fish, old fish either away or free.

It is inevitable to go up one step at a time. However, we should pay attention to stabilizing each step for a period of time.


4. When feeding fish, the fish are very energetic and have a lovely bulging stomach. Sometimes, I wish the fish would grow up the next day.

-- when watching the fish eat happily, we should control our hand to feed more times.


5. When fish disease, as if they are ill, even more than their own disease is also urgent, roar and want to be cured immediately, did not distinguish what the problem, anxious to all kinds of fish medicine into the tank, the results can be imagined;

-- when you are sick, don't take medicine easily. First, you can find out what has happened. If you are sick, you should take medicine for the disease, or the fish will die of poison. At the same time want to think through, the disease is like a mountain to fall, the disease go like a silk, any disease can not be cured overnight, need treatment cycle.


6. What we should also hold is the enthusiasm of fish farming. When there are various situations in fish farming, the fish will never recover from illness and often die.

Almost every stage of fish farming is a test of our endurance. In every situation, we should be able to hold on to it. Otherwise, you may be overwhelmed, overwhelmed, and overwhelmed. All good fish farmers should be able to control themselves.

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