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Some Professional Responses For New Fisher Fans Meet Questions
Aug 10, 2018

                  Some Professional Responses For New Fisher Fans Meet Questions

                            13 professional responses for new fisher fans meet questions.

1. Light

Everything grows to depend on the sun, the household utensils that raise so should put outdoor or the balcony, the place with sufficient illumination.  Fish raised in sunny places are healthy, rarely sick and painted well.


2. Water and Water Depth

For example, goldfish need wide and shallow water. I agree that the water area is at least 1 square, and it is better to be about 1.5 if possible. As for water level, 20 to 30CM is enough for most goldfish. Too much is bad. Large and wide bodies of water are not only stable in water quality but also easy to live and make the fish swim fully, which is also good for shaping.The principles of other varieties are similar. You can choose the suitable water area and water depth according to the natural environment of each variety.


3. Color of water

It is generally believed that it is good to keep fish in clean water. Clean water does help us to observe and appreciate, but light green water is more conducive to the survival of fish. At the same time, green water for prevention and treatment is also a certain effect. You can use the background paper color and light source to adjust the watercolor effect.


4.Change the water interval and proportion

Many friends take a little water every day and add a little water to replace it. This is a bad way to change water. Changing so little water every day does not have the effect of changing water, and the frequent stimulation of fish is not good, it is a thankless task. The way I agree is to change the water after a certain period of time, and then replace a certain proportion of water (different seasons, different lighting, different water bodies, different species, different densities, different food varieties, different amounts of food, etc., so the proportion and time interval of water changing are different).


5.Change water way

If the conditions are good, a pre-filter (ordinary water purifier) can store enough water for single change. If the water storage container is large enough, one or several water goblins of appropriate size can be placed in it. In this way, the new water has its own filtration system, and the water quality guarantee will be quite strong. In the end, everyone knows that it is ok to regularly remove the old water and replace it with new water.


6.Fish food

According to the breed that raises by oneself, offer a different feed, sound like nonsense! In fact, the majority of fish friends on the whole two options, fresh frozen feed and dry feed. Let me tell you a little about the two types of feed. You can make your own choices based on your own situation.

Live or frozen foods are rich in nutrients and palatability, and most fish prefer them, but buying and feeding can be tricky. In addition, this kind of food should pay attention to the freshness of the food and the living organisms themselves with parasites or infectious diseases. It is relatively safe to feed fresh food in brine, such as prawns, because microorganisms in brine are less likely to survive in fresh water, which is safer for our freshwater ornamental fish.

Relatively convenient purchase dry feed and feeding, and very clean, but should pay attention to the component content of feed, I feel instead of high protein content may not be good, and don't talk about protein content is true, it is real, high protein fish is bad digestion, so please rational choice is suitable for the dry feed your baby.


7.Perspective of appreciation

Find out which side of your fish is better, look down or look sideways. Or take the goldfish as an example, the goldfish overlooking Angle viewing varieties and sight-viewing varieties. Everyone has a different perspective. So it's up to each individual to decide whether to look down or down. But it's important to remember that the variety you choose should be in line with the viewing Angle of your breeding vessel.


8.Fish selection

For Newbies , after the selection of varieties, I suggest that it also needs a process of hand training. Choose low end commercial fish of this variety for training. Feed is on one hand, raise outstanding achievement is on the other hand. No one is born knowing. Every experienced hand is a novice. Raise the quality of ornamental fish again on the basis of feed.


9. Buy fishes

Newbies recommend buying as much fish as possible from a brick-and-mortar store. Look more at the state of the fish. Check the body surface to see if there is a problem, and don't buy if there is a problem, as novices often can't even deal with basic fish disease. Look at the gill if you can.

Buy fish online. The Internet is trending and you can buy the variety you want. But because the ornamental fish is a special kind of living thing. So it is necessary to do the necessary homework before buying fish. For example, how to look at art photos, find reliable merchants, and keep a certain chat record to provide in case of any problem. Novice or suggest to buy as much as possible brick-and-mortar stores, after the experience can be online to find some brick-and-mortar stores are not easy to find varieties.


10. Retail merchant Advice

Don't expect too much from the merchant. As for the merchants' Suggestions, we should look at them dialectically. Before buying any fish, we should first learn the basic knowledge from google, or look for some professional posts from old players, and then we can make a basic judgment on the Suggestions given by the merchants to you, so that we can really choose the right fish for ourselves.



Ornamental fish from a few dollars to tens of thousands of them. Make choices according to your actual needs and financial ability. Some fish are not only dainty, they don't live very long. So consume the fish within your ability to consume. Fish appreciation beyond your means is fine. Remember that you raise fish to enjoy the beauty and the joy of life. Do not see the fish out of reach and make a dry fire, which goes against the original intention of fish farming. It's important to feed your fish well. As long as you pay attention, every fish has it's wonderful.


12.Matters attention in feeding process

Don't bother the fish. In practice, many fish do not die of disease, but rather of suffering. I personally think ill really want early cure, accurate treatment. But if you're not sick, don't fool around. If you don't have anything to do, don't take any medicine. Many fish will have problems and die.

Make a few more fish than good pure player. Make a few friends more, have a problem so word can discuss each other, discuss give true knowledge! In addition, I also need to reserve enough basic knowledge. The editor always believes that there is no one way to raise fish that is suitable for everyone. Only basic knowledge remains unchanged.

Fish farming must be diligent. Regular nursing, give fish a stable environment to accompany you happy and healthy! Therefore, it is not allowed to fish for two days and share the net for three days.



Hold your hands. Novice often cannot control their hands, see fish want to buy. But your slot has a certain amount of feeding. So don't buy any more fish if you have enough. If you like other varieties, you can't play all varieties at once!

Don't push the envelope. Goldfish breeding density is actually a range. But remember not to be too dense, in the right range. The probability that the density is too high and something goes wrong is greatly increased.


14. Use a air pump.

Newbies recommend buying an air pump . then it not easy dead fish.

HEYI Hpumps is a super silent air good quality air pump.