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Small Ultra Silent Environmental Protection Aquarium Fish Tank Oxygen Air Pump
Jan 13, 2017

No EMI: HPUMPS fish tank pump is just driven by a thin piezoelectric ceramic plate, totally 

different from traditional electromagnetic air pumps; therefore no EMI generated, which is good 

for fish growing.

Silent and Energy Effective: This aquarium air pump has no motor, no other troublesome mechanisms,

which makes it super silent and energy effective.

Easy to Use: It's very easy to install; connecting air stone and air tube with pump outlet, then 

immerse air stone into tank.

Long time use: Adapting premium material makes it a good quality and long lifespan.

Package Included: 1 pcs fish tank pump, 1 pcs air stone, 1 pcs air tube,1 X Sucker ,

1 X User Manual