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Practical application of water pump
Jun 21, 2016

Widely used in shipbuilding, oil exploitation, load machine and so on. Ship production in 2008 reached 15000 tons, accounting for 21% of the world's total load capacity, by 2015, will become the world's first shipbuilding country. In order to ensure that the ship's normal navigation or mooring, to meet the needs of the lives of the crew and passengers, each ship to be equipped with a certain number of, can play a relevant role in the marine pump, marine pump is one of the most important auxiliary. According to incomplete statistics, in a variety of marine auxiliary machinery and equipment, various types and different uses of the ship with the total number of pump, accounting for about 20% - 30% of ship machinery equipment, a total of, marine pump prices in ship equipment costs account for the proportion is relatively large. In the total cost of the ship, the ship pump equipment costs about 4%-8%, under normal circumstances, a medium or above the ship's pump pump up to more than 10 million yuan. When it comes to focus with pump market, that country has completed the "west east gas transmission" project, "west east gas transmission" project also need to pump products. At the same time, the state will be built to transport natural gas pipeline in the other, these projects also need a lot of pump products.