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Newest Version Hpumps Worlds Smallest, Most Silent Aquarium Air Pump Tank High Efficient Oxygen Breathe Pump Waterfall
Jan 06, 2017

Hpumps aquarium pump is the smallest and quietest pump in the world. It is relatively quiet, 

and you cannot hear the pump over the sound of trickling water.

This air pump push bubbles, and the aquarium feels healthier.

ABOUT Hpumps!

Shenzhen HEYI Precision Pump Tech Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 (former name YAKE), dedicated in the R&D, production and sales on piezoelectric pumps, the first enterprise industrializes Piezoelectric Pumps in the world.  It also engages in Special Micro-pump, Ultra Precision Micro-pump and relevant High-tech products, awarded as ‘China Top 500 Technological Innovation Enterprise’ , ‘National Hi-tech Enterprise’ and etc. In 2012, it launched the first Piezoelectric Aquarium Air Pump in the world. With simplest structure, such pumps are featured with ultra-quiet, super-compact and highly efficient. It is revolutionary product to replace traditional electromagnetic air pump, and lead the future of Aquarium Air Pump!