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Introduction of air source heat pump water tank
Jun 21, 2016

Air energy heat pump water heater pressure water tank, flat plate type solar pressure water tank, cold water machine set water tank, all kinds of stainless steel pressure tank, etc..

The water tank using 1.5mm thick food safety level of SUS304 stainless steel, does not pollute the water;

The use of microcomputer automatic argon arc welding, to ensure the use of more secure, greatly extended the life of the;

The water tank volume models ranging from 60L-600L, split, integral can be produced.

Water tank insulation using 50mm thick polyurethane foam layer, using the world's advanced high pressure foaming technology, a molding, excellent thermal insulation effect.

The tank shell is made of automotive metallic paint, high-end fashion, beautiful appearance, color variety, can be a variety of indoor decoration collocation.

The appearance of various production steel, stainless steel, stainless steel, paint matte, everything is complete.

Water tank water inlet and outlet system, through the optimized design, greatly improved the water use efficiency, the design is more reasonable, the installation is simple;