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Hpumps pet products the Pet fish need to add oxygen pump
Oct 12, 2016

Mini small ultra-quiet aquarium air pump pump aquarium aerator oxygen oxygen

This product is under the ac drive, make form alternating vibration of piezoelectric vibrator, cause the pump cavity volume changes, both inside and outside the valve cavity pump under the action of producing pressure differential, push air flow.

Matters needing attention

1. This product is suitable for middle and small fish tank;

2. This product is not waterproof design, when using do not close to water;

3. This product using the voltage is 110 - or 220-240 - v, 120 v can not be used in high voltage environment;

4. The products using the environment temperature is 0 ° centigrade - 50 °, and away from the fire source;

5. If the pump work in abnormal sharp sound or does not have water in yunnan, please immediately cut off power supply.

6. Please clean the trachea, gas often stone, pump body, to ensure that the flow rate and prolong the service life of the pump;

7. In hand before going to the water, be sure to cut off all the related power;

8. Chuck the attachment, please light pressure, do not hit or knock;

9. The mounting surface must be higher than the level of the pump;

10.As the air pump, must ensure that the inlet air circulation around pores;