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Hpumps Mobula air pump Oxygen Breathe Pump Model-4104
Dec 24, 2016

Aquatic tank pumps 1.8W aquarium air pump YDQB-4104

This is the most unusual aquarium air pump !. To begin with,  the pump housing and power cord are white instead of the usual black and it is extremely lightweight. There is no annoying box vibrating on the floor and keeping you awake at night. It simply attaches to the back of your glass tank with the included suction cup holder.  Aside from this,  it comes with some clear air tubing and a small round air stone. I recommend this for small tanks under 20 gallons.

Product Info.

DimensionsDia 62.49*18mmDia 62*49*18mm
Noise 33db 33db
Power1.8 watt1.5 watt
Pressure12kpa +/-10%10kpa +/-10%
Flow Rate500ml/min +/-10%450ml/min +/-10%
Water Depth600mm500mm
Tank Volume< 50L


1pc of Air Tube Inner            Dia. 4mm

 Outer Dia. 6mm

 Length 1000mm

1pc of Air Stone                    Dia. 25mm

1 Power Adapter        

Based on actual power supply and electric plug type

1 Suction Cup: