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Hpumps Mini Ultra Silent Aquarium Air Pump Model 4105
Mar 09, 2017

Aquatic Oxygen PumpsHpumps mini ultra silent aquarium air pump Model 4105

Hpumps 4105 basic core item, mini square-shaped and real noiseless effect , ideal for basic volume tank application.


Advanced, slim profile design

Ultra-quiet ,Small volume and light weight

Low energy consumption


As silent as muted,as small as biscuit.

Compact design,low weight,39g.

Low power consumption 1.8W.

New technology air pump without motor 

 for up to 100L aquarium

Net weight:35g.

Air flow:300ml/min(18L/H).



Power source:AC 100~240V 50/60HZ.

Working temperature:0~50°.


1 x  1 meter silicon hose,

1 x Regular Airstone

1 x Free Ziss Pastic Airstone

1 x User manual

4105 (2).jpg