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Hpumps High Efficient Oxygen Breathe Pump- Most Silent Aquarium Air Pump for Different Aquarium Fish Tank with Air Stone and Air Tube
Sep 22, 2016
  • The oxygen breathe pump is totally different from traditional air pump, super silent and more lightweight and super compact design.RoHS and CE certificate passed.

  • High efficient oxygen breathe pump for fishes, fit for the fish tanks which can be filled with 20 gallon water.Furthermore,this high efficient air pump suitable for the fish tanks contain 1000mm water depth.

  • Ultra slim design air pump,easy to carry in your package when you would like to go out for traveling.

  • Low energy consumption,Voltage: 110-120V, Power: 2.0W ; Air Flow: 400ml/min.Each air pump matched with a good air stone and air tube.

  • Ultra silent: <35 dB,low noises working,suitable for bedroom and living room using,enjoy a relax and quiet rest time!