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High Efficient Oxygen Breathe Pump Most Silent Aquarium Air Pumps
Mar 24, 2017

Features: Hpumps: A new innovative small ( cookie) sized oxygen generating pump for aquariums up

to 37.8541 Liters/10 Gallons. No noise mechanical elements. Only the sound of bubbles splashing 

the surface. Keeps your room quiet! Keeps your fish happy and healthy!

High-efficiency, long operating life, stable oxygen air pump aquarium with good air stone and air 


Perfect for small size and medium betta tank or nano aquariums up to 16" deep

Ultra quiet-Less than 33dB, don't make any noises when the air pump is working,creating a 

comfortable and quiet sleeping environment for you.

More lightweight and smaller design, If your fish tank's design is under 10 gallon,this air 

pump will be perfect to fit.

Low consumption energy air pump: Voltage 110 - 120V, Power: 1.5 Watt, Air Flow: 240ml /min.

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