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Bomba de oxígeno de tanque de pescado ultra silencioso
Nov 01, 2016


Bomba de aire 4112 is made of piezoelectrical ceramic plate with appr. 

60L/hour air flow volume, suitable for the medium size fish tank  

Features:High air flow design

Product Info.

Dimensions 62*49*2162*49*21
Noise 38db38db
Power3.5 watt2.7 watt
Pressure13kpa +/-10%12kpa +/-10%
Flow Rate1000ml/min +/-10%900ml/min +/-10%
Water Depth600mm 500mm
Tank Volume< 100L< 100L


1pc of Air Tube       Inner Dia. 4mm

Outer Dia. 6mm

Length 1000mm

1pc of Air Stone      Dia.40mm

1 Power Adapter        

Based on actual power supply and electric plug type

1 Suction Cup: