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Aquarium Air Pump with3.5W Power, Voltage110-120V,220-240V,keep it away from water.
Nov 03, 2016

Product Details

    • Model:4112

    • Power: 3.5W

    • Flow: 550mL/min

    • Pump size: 62*49*21mm

    • Pressure:13kpa +/-10%

    • Noise: <38db

    • Available colors: black, white

    • Tank Volume< 100L


The principle of this pump is different from the traditional magnetic pump, is by the piezoelectric

oscillator in the electric field under the action of radial compression deformation, the internal

tensile stress, so that the piezoelectric oscillator bending deformation of the fluid pressure 


1pc of Air Tube       Inner Dia. 4mm

Outer Dia. 6mm

Length 1000mm

1pc of Air Stone      Dia.40mm

1 Power Adapter        

Based on actual power supply and electric plug type

1 Suction Cup: