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Aquarium Air Pump Hpumps
Mar 17, 2017

Basic Info

Model No: 4104

Type: Air pumps

Certification: RoHS and CE certificate

Max Air Flow: 500ml/min +/-10%

Color: White

Size: 472*418*453mm

Brand: Hpump

Trademark: Piscine

Origin: Shenzhen,China


1.This air pump is totally different from traditional electromagnetic air pumps, No EMI, No motor

2. No shaft, No other troublesome mechanisms, which makes it super compact, super silent, light weight  

and service life.

3.Ultra mini thin design,portable to carry on when you go out for traveling.

Product Info.

DimensionsDia 62.49*18mmDia 62*49*18mm
Noise 33db 33db
Power1.8 watt1.5 watt
Pressure12kpa +/-10%10kpa +/-10%
Flow Rate500ml/min +/-10%450ml/min +/-10%
Water Depth600mm500mm
Tank Volume< 50L

4104 (2).jpg