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Aquarium Air Pump, Hpumps Piezoelectric Fish Tank Pump Silent Mini Oxygen Air pumps
May 02, 2017


 Hpumps fish tank air pump is fashionable, super compact and detachable, which is perfect for 



1. Connect air stone to air tube. 

2. Connect air tube to air pump outlet. 

3. Stick sucker onto reverse side of pump, then attach air pump onto outside wall of aquarium 


4. Immerse air stone into aquarium tank. In case of the air tube is too long, cut out a section 

based on required length.

5. Connect power adapter to electricity socket, then air pump works


Power Supply: 100-120V 

Rated Power: 1.5W 

Flow rate: 240mL/min 

Water Depth for Working: Up to 600mm 

Noise < 33dB(A) 

PVC Air Tube: ID4*OD6*1,000mL 

Air Stone: Dia.25mm 


-This fish tank air pump is only suitable for indoor use. 

-The air pump is non-waterproof, keep it away from water. 

-The air pump will overheat and get damaged if it cannot discharge its air adequately, never 

close outlets, make sure the air tube is not clogged or bended. 

Package Included

1 X Air pump 

1 X Air tube 

1 X Air stone 

1 X Sucker 

1 X User Manual