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Nano Piezo Air Pump Supplier China

Nano Piezo Air Pump Supplier China

Hpumps Innovation Piezoelectronic Aquarium Air Pumps
★Super Silent
★Super Compact
★Patent Products

Super silent,Super Compact Aquarium Air Pumps


Innovation Piezoelectronic Aquarium Air Pumps



★Super Silent-you couldn't hear any noise 50cm from it's position. 

Super Compact-Small as a Macaron.

★Energy Efficient

Stable and Durable

★Together use with air stone to increase oxygen in the water.

Hpumps Piezoelectronic Air Pumps YDQB4104 item:


ModelVol.Freq    (v,Hz)CONSFlow   RatePressureNoise

Max work Watr Depth

Applicable VolumeCertification
YDQB4104100V-240v1.8W18L/H11Kpa33dB60cm10 gallonCE,FCC,RoHS,PSE

Remark:Same specifications ,we also have items YDQB4105,YDQB4106

We'd like produce many colors as your wish.not only white color.

What is Piezoelectronic air pumps?

When an alternating current is applied, piezoelectric ceramic plate expands and then contracts, repeating the cycle creates the pumping action.

ABOUT Hpumps!

Shenzhen HEYI Precision Pump Tech Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 (former name YAKE), dedicated in the R&D, production and sales on piezoelectric pumps, the first enterprise industrializes Piezoelectric Pumps in the world.  It also engages in Special Micro-pump, Ultra Precision Micro-pump and relevant High-tech products, awarded as ‘China Top 500 Technological Innovation Enterprise’ , ‘National Hi-tech Enterprise’ and etc. In 2012, it launched the first Piezoelectric Aquarium Air Pump in the world. With simplest structure, such pumps are featured with ultra-quiet, super-compact and highly efficient. It is revolutionary product to replace traditional electromagnetic air pump, and lead the future of Aquarium Air Pump! 

Welcome to purchase fashion nano piezo air pump supplier china from us, which is a professional Piezo Air Pumps manufacturer, supplier and exporter in China.

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