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HEYI Hydropnic System Compressors 22Kpa

HEYI Hydropnic System Compressors 22Kpa

HEYI hydropnic system compressors 22Kpa YDQB4113

    HEYI hydropnic system compressors 22Kpa Mirco piezo air pump

Piezo micro pump is our latest release high technology products and can be used for air and liquid. Micro piezoelectric pump is one core parts of micro fluid system. The pump had been used in many application. e.g aquarium system,hydroponic system,guide-relied micro lubricating oil supply system,cooling system,run water system of micro lens,micro perfume supply kit,high class medical equipment and biochem lcal analyzer.etc. As a professional manufacturer of piezo pumps and can be easily made as request,Meanwhile we can supply special design and its driver and integrated it to be a complicated system as customer's request. Comparing with western countries,we will try to supply piezoelectric micro pumps with higher cost-effective solution.  HEYI precision pump tech co.,ltd  the only original piezo pumps manufacturer in the world.

Technical Specification:

When an alternating current is applied,piezoelectric ceramic plate expands and then contracts,repeating the cycle creats the pumping action.


Heyi Piezoelectric pumps:

Just driven by a thin piezoelectric ceramic plate,totally different from traditional electromagnetic air pumps,No EMI,NO MOTOR,NO SHAFT,NO other troublesome mechanisms,which makkes it super compact,super silent,light weight and long service life.

Heyi Piezoelectric air pumps in kind of real shoot:



Super compact size

Super silent

Long work life


Model Vol./Freq. Dimensions weight Noise(dB) CON.(W) Flow rate Water Depth Pressure
4113 100V/220V 26.5*25mm 300g 33 124L/H 1000mm22Kpa
4113-DCDC5v, 12v26.5*25mm500g33db124L/h1000mm22Kpa

Heyi More series of Piezoelectric air pumps:

Heyi Precision Pump co.,LTD honor:


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Welcome to purchase fashion heyi hydropnic system compressors 22kpa from us, which is a professional Piezo Air Pumps manufacturer, supplier and exporter in China.
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