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Aquarium Air Pump Mirco Piezo Air Pump Dual Channels

Aquarium Air Pump Mirco Piezo Air Pump Dual Channels

Heyi Hpumps piezo micro air pump YDQB3503

    Mirco piezo air pump

Piezo micro pump is our latest release high technology products and can be used for air and liquid. Micro piezoelectric pump is one core parts of micro fluid system. The pump had been used in many application. e.g aquarium system,hydropnic system,guide-reiled micro lubricating soil supply system,cooling system,run water system of micro lens,micro perfume supply kit,high class medical equipment and biochem lcal analyzer.etc. As a professional manufacturer of piezo pumps and can be easily made as request,Meanwhile we can supply sepecial design and its driver and ingergrated it to be a complicated system as customer's request. Comparing with western countries,we will try to supply piezoelectric micro pumps with higher cost-effective solution.  HEYI precision pump tech co.,ltd  the only original piezo pumps manufacturer in the world.

Technical Specification:

When an alternating current is applied,piezoelectric ceramic plate expands and then contracts,repeating the cycle creats the pumping action.


Heyi Piezoelectric pumps:

Just driven by a thin piezoelectric ceramic plate,totally different from traditional electromagnetic air pumps,No EMI,NO MOTOR,NO SHAFT,NO other troublesome mechanisms,which makkes it super compact,super silent,light weight and long service life.

Heyi Piezoelectric air pumps in kind of real shoot:



Super quiet:  This is a super quiet aquarium oxygen pump, it does not have the violent vibration of traditional electromagnetic pumps, you may need to get close to feel its flow.

Super energy saving: The main working parts of the air pump is a piezoelectric ceramic chip with low power consumption, so its power consumption is very low, about 1.0W, making your aquarium more environment helpful.

Compact size and easy to use: The unique working principles and structural design of this oxygen pump make it lightweight, small size, and it comes with a sucking disk. The pump can be attached to any place you like and occupies little space.

Excellent performance: Aquarium oxygen pump has no electromagnetic interference, is a good neighbor of other electrical appliances. Its flow rate can be up to 18L / H, with an efficient air stone it can provide up to 24 gallons of fish tank usage, your aquarium friends will surely love it.

100% Warranty: Benefiting from the durability of the piezoelectric vibrators and the top-notch structural design of the valve body, the aquarium air pump can work stably for a long time, achieve a long life.1 year warranty.


Model Vol./Freq. Dimensions weight Noise(dB) CON.(W) Flow rate Water Depth certification
3503 100V/220V 52.5*24mm 180g 30 12*18L/H 500 CE.RoHS.FCC,PSE

How to use?

It's super quiet and small, but the amount of air will be pump into the fish tank, more oxygen for your aqua friends. Perfect for bedroom and living room using, enjoy relax and quiet rest time. 

Super simple installation

1. Connect the air stone to the air tube.

2. Connect the air tube to the air pump outlet.

3. Stick the sucking disc on the back of the pump. Install the pump on the outer wall of the aquarium, but above the water level to avoid any possible water backflow.

4. Place the air stone in the aquarium tank, immersed in water. If the air tube is too long, cut a section as needed.

5. Connect the power adapter to the electrical outlet to start operation.


1.Upon the completion of the installation, switch on the power, then disconnect and subsequently reconnect the air tube, repeat several times for better outcome.

2.In order to achieve the best working results, please use the original accessories.

3.The air pump is not waterproof, please keep away from water.

4.Check the air tube regularly, make sure it is not being blocked, bent, and there is no air leakage.

5.Do not place the air pump lower than the water level, you can install it in the aquarium tank.

6.When the air output of the pump is decreased or noise is increased, please clean the air inlet

Heyi Precision Pump co.,LTD honor:


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