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About Us

    Shenzhen Heyi precision pump technology Co., Ltd. was founded in May 2012 with title of Shenzhen Hi-tech enterprises and National Hi-tech enterprises,  as a continuation and development from Shenzhen Yake Precision Pump Tech. Co., Ltd. , which was established in 2004 March, granted title as National Hi-tech enterprises, China Top 500 Enterprise on technology innovation selected by INC World Commercial Telecom., China benchmarking enterprise in the electric pump industry as well as the first draft writer of China Piezoelectric Pump standard.

    Based on more than 25 years of industry professional research foundation, thick technical accumulation, Heyi is the first one to make piezoelectric pump industrialized in the world.

    The company mainly engages in R&D , development and fabrication of ultra micro electric pump, Ultra micron hydraulic electronic pump, special piezoelectric pump and a new composite piezoelectric ceramic material.

    In 2012, as a global micro piezo-electric pump leader, Heyi researched and developed the first smallest and ultra quiet P.E. aquarium air pump with the brand name of Hpumps (also named as Hi Pumps) in the world and promptly earned market positive and warm responses, from then on, Heyi turned his role to the industrialization of the piezo-electric pump.

    Since 2016, Heyi made further efforts to promote piezo-electric pump application in the Aqua industry , gradually planning to develop piezo-electric pump to the household appliances industry, portable personal care, computer assortments as well as medical health care industries.